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Mesmometer: Alex Volkonsky
By Fitz - 6/8/2006

Up next in our "Extended Pride Lineup" is Alex Volkonsky who will be helping us out with some backup percussion. Alex plays in several bands as the main drummer, is proficient in several instruments, and paints as well. Here's his take on the all-probing Mesmometer.

Alex Volkonsky
Alex: Mysterious Rhythms


Subject: Alex Volkonsky
Plays: I do it all baby.
Other band(s): Legend of the Bat, SpeedQueen, Others


Style/Influences: Rock, Pop, Classical

Favorite Piece of Gear: I don't like any of my gear (it sucks).

What's a band you wish you'd been in? Fiery Furnaces

What music are you most embarrassed to admit you like? 80s Metal!

Deeper Meaning (answers highlighted)

Your preferred type groupie is a:

You'd hold a seance to reach:

Your rock and roll death will be caused by:

Your dream stage outfit would include:

Free Response:

Alex: "Mesmers ROX!"

By Fitz - 6/8/2006 |